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Christmas Bacon

Christmas Bacon

Raddell's Sausage

$ 20.00

16oz Pack.
Raddell’s Christmas Bacon is a maple and pepper flavored Bacon that is both sweet and savory.  
Our Small Batched Christmas Bacon is hand rubbed and dry cured for 7 days with Real Maple Sugar, Pepper, cure, and Spices.  
It is then Slow Smoked to perfection in our Smokehouse for 6+ hours before it is cooled and hand sliced on a medium-thick setting.  
Be sure to cook this bacon low and slow.  Cooking too high of a heat May char that sweet Maple Sugar.

But Why is it called Christmas Bacon?

When we first tried this recipe, the sweet Maple Pepper aroma filled the air while it was cooking on the stove at the Shop.  Jay Raddell walked by and said “Wow, Smells like Christmas!”

Imagine cooking this Bacon on Christmas morning with friends and family around smelling that sweet smell of Raddell’s Christmas Bacon!

It will immediately turn into a family tradition, as it has for us and so many of our wonderful customers.  Enjoy.

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