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Cleveland Sausage Company Beef Smokies

Cleveland Sausage Company

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Introducing Cleveland Sausage Company's Shelf stable Smokies!

Now available in two Flavors: Hot and Mild

7oz packs, 7 Sticks per pack.

These All Beef Smokies are a Hearty treat that can travel room temp and do not need to be refrigerated until opened.  Send them as a gift, or order for yourself.  Great for camping trips, sports events, or long drives.  

 For those who love a bold flavor without the heat, our Mild blend of spices complements the finest cuts of meat, and just the right amount of pepper adds a flavorful kick.

Our fabulous Hot Smokies are the perfect happy medium of heat and flavor. Our blend of spices and secret ingredients complement each other tastefully for a bold, mouth-watering flavor followed by a dash of spicy goodness.

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